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'Third World Assassin' Cancer-crook Granted a New Sentencing Hearing

A disgraced immigrant physician convicted of poisoning American cancer patients has been granted a new hearing on his case in federal court, after spending the last 4 years in jail.

Doctor Farid T Fata was sentenced to a 45-year federal prison term in 2014, after finally changing his "not guilty" plea to guilty. He was convicted of massive Healthcare Fraud, Conspiracy and Money laundering, and

Fata's wife Samar escaped to Lebanon before

she could be arrested,

eventually confessed in court that he routinely prescribed thousands of unnecessary cancer treatments - often forcing fearful patients to undergo dangerous, frightening chemotherapy and radiation sessions, injuring hundreds of patients who trusted his clinical care.

Federal investigators believe this disgusting doctor poisoned at least 500 patients. Their plan was to buy a 'castle' in Lebanon.

Fata’s primary clinic was called Michigan Hematology/Oncology in Rochester Hills, part of what was known as the Crittenton Cancer Center. The doctor's crime spree unraveled when his clinic manager secretly contacted the U.S, Department of Justice in Augist 2013, after coming to terms with the fact that the physician he worked for was guilty of a stunning get-rich scheme that was terrorizing patients and robbing insurance carriers of millions. Federal agents subsequently wasted no time, and raided the clinic in early August, 2013, The stunned daffy doctor was carted away in handcuffs.

Come to the U.S. Set up scam clinics. Poison patients. Steal from Medicare. Stupid Americans!

U.S. Attorney investigators discovered that Fata had illegally billed Medicare for a whopping $35,000,000, in a massive scam that - according to prosecutor Barbara McQuade - “is the most egregious” healthcare fraud case ever prosecuted.

Freaky Fata was born and raised in Lebanon. He was allowed to immigrate to the U.S. as a doctor, specializing in blood diseases. Like all other immigrant physicians, he plied his trade totally unsupervised for decades, until he was finally - finally - caught.

Fata says his lawyer, Christopher Andreoff, gave him false legal advice, when he assured him the prison sentence would be drastically reduced if he pleaded guilty. The judge said "no way". His legal hearing is scheduled for July.

Fata, now age 53, is imprisoned at the Federal Correctional Institution in South Carolina. Unless his upcoming hearing results in a lessoning in his sentence, this particular Third World Assassin will sit in a cage until at least the year 2050. In the meantime, his wife and children are living like royality in Lebanon.

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