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The Paramedic Perspective

It is time for a mentally sluggish society to slam the door on the healthcare hoodwink. Hear it clearly: there is no 'doctor shortage'. What we do have is a primary care shortage. We have medical schools spawning a glut of high-pay specialists, and a system which rewards  the excess. What we do not need is evermore technology, endless research and specialists on every corner. What we absolutely need is decent, back-to-the-basics patient care providers, and a system with the courage to recognize simple truths. 
                                                                                                                                       The Paramedic Heretic

Three-quarters of a million drug ads on network television alone in the good ol' USA per year, and we the people have the gold-plated, unmitigated gall to show our "shocked face" when 64,000 citizens - one after another after another - take their last breaths after popping their last pills.

There are a recognized 195 countries on this quivering granite planet. Any idea how many of them think it's a bright idea to blanket TV with drug advertisements to a phone-addicted, mentally sluggish society?


Name one other nation that proffers as many pill-induced funerals as the United States. Go ahead. We'll wait for your newly-minted answer.

But here's a thought: let's all keep pretending we're smarter than a fidgety 5th grader on Mars Bars.

No wonder the United States is ranked 34th on earth in health care. At least one factor in that embarrassment is that we are preposterously in love with our "legal" drug cartels - most of whom have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for lying to the very same fools they are drugging into oblivion.

As my wise old dad used to say, "Lord, love a duck, you people."

                                                                                                                                                 The Paramedic Heretic

How Can We be the 'Greatest Nation on Earth' When We're Dumber Than a Box of Rocks?  Time for an Answer, Pul-lease

"If you insist on suppressing the outrageous frequency of physician misbehavior, you’re not helping to improve healthcare - you’re hiding crime. You're keeping lab coat miscreancy in the dark. What we do here is fundamentally simple: we turn on the lights."

                                                                                               The Paramedic Heretic

 "In far too many cases, 'healthcare' is the evil  art of the avaricious convincing society we are not quite healthy; exaggerating the extent of our 'problem' and proffering a 'cure' for the mentally sluggish. The Great American Medicine Road Show may well be the grandest con game in human history." 
                                                                                                  The Paramedic Heretic

The facts

Here's The 2016 Daffy Doc Score-Card: 2,319 Physicians Convictions. What the Hell Does it Take to Embarrass These People?


February 8, 2017


Health Care reform? How about we simply boot out the Lunatics? 

As a physician misbehavior investigator, we see enormous flaws in any Health Care ‘reform’ that refuses to address the off-the-chart volume of physician-related mischief. How is it that this subject is so deftly, consistently sidestepped?

Monstrous fraud; millions of unwarranted procedures; drug-pushing beyond reason - our healthcare system provides a fertile ground for excess and abuse. Chew on these points for a single minute:

1. U.S. DOJ: “the estimated law enforcement cost to police & try criminal doctors and medical fraud, is 1/2 TRILLION dollars annually.” Let’s all stop and stare at that number again: $500,000,000,000.

2. 11,000 physicians found criminally guilty of serious misbehavior in the last decade. Five times as many civil or ethics hearings.

3. 2016 – 2,319 doctors convicted of egregious acts.

4. 2012 – 2,490 guilty and/or sanctions in civil proceedings.

When a single New York surgeon can perform & bill for 10,000 unwarranted eye operations; when a team of heart surgeons can cut open 900+ healthy chests to pad their own bank accounts; When the Michigan medical board chairman utters the words, “Yes, it can take five years to remove a child molester MD,” then the only line that comes to mind was spoken on Apollo 13:

               “Houston, we have a problem.”

Time to face an ugly reality: Until we weed out the lab coat lunacy, any talk of “reform” is window dressing.

                                                                                                  The Paramedic Heretic

The Birth of 'The Paramedic Heretic'

As a 35-year Paramedic, I've kept notes on serious physician misbehavior for decades. I began my note-taking in the late 1970s when one of our most popular guest speakers - Doctor Jeffrey MacDonald - failed to show up for our neuro-trauma lecture one morning at UCSD La Jolla. He had just been convicted of butchering his wife and 3 children.


My note-taking never stopped, because the physician insanity around us continued rolling right along, day after day, year after year.

My partners & I have responded to more doctors' offices after medical screw-ups, than any of us can count. The ridiculous lab coat antics never stop. Neither are they often disciplined. The typical state medical board is an embarrassment in their refusal to mete out appropriate discipline.

Over the years I've made it a career to write and lecture on the absolutely stunning particulars of rotten medical shenanigans. It a jaw-dropping fact that the typical American citizens - with all the power and convenience of electronic info at their fingertips - remain resolutely clueless about the monstrous swathe of carnage thousands of doctors carve right through the heart of society.

When it comes to the stunning volume and breadth and frequency of damage "healthcare" inflicts upon us all, we are getting exactly what a mentally sluggish population allows to happen. We are appallingly stupid as a society - one that truly ought to be paying attention.

                                                                                                 The Paramedic Heretic

"The birth of The Paramedic Heretic is simple as soup:

                                          'Res Ipsa Loquitur'


a thing speaks for itself"

                                                                                                   The Paramedic Heretic

The mission
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