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The Way Grade School English Could Have Been Taught . . . But Wasn't

We've always loved words. Here are a few examples of why we do:

> What do you call the head of an asparagus? A "Squib"

> The longest word with no repetitive letters is "Uncopyrightable"

> The only word with 3 consecutive double letters? "Bookkeeping"

> The longest with its letters in alphabetical order is "Almost"

> The compulsion to watch scary movies? "Cacospectomania"

> The most common first letter of all words is "S"

> What word increased its use by 500,000% over 5 years? "Selfie"

> The only state with a one-syllable name? "Maine"

> If you track mud into someone's house? Guilty of "Jaking"

> Drinking water instead of alcohol? You're an "Aquabib"

> Speaking in anger through clenched teeth is "Dentiloquy"

> A word that doesn't need the rest of its letters? "Queue"

And our own personal favorite?

> The word "Swims" remains exactly the same, even when turned upside down

How cool is that?

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