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The Way Grade School English Could Have Been Taught . . . But Wasn't

March 13, 2019


We've always loved words. Here are a few examples of why we do:


>  What do you call the head of an asparagus? A "Squib"

>  The longest word with no repetitive letters is "Uncopyrightable"

>  The only word with 3 consecutive double letters? "Bookkeeping" 

>  The longest with its letters in alphabetical order is "Almost"

>  The compulsion to watch scary movies? "Cacospectomania" 

>  The most common first letter of all words is "S"

>  What word increased its use by 500,000% over 5 years? "Selfie"

>  The only state with a one-syllable name? "Maine"

>  If you track mud into someone's house? Guilty of "Jaking"

>  Drinking water instead of alcohol? You're an "Aquabib"

>  Speaking in anger through clenched teeth is "Dentiloquy"

>  A word that doesn't need the rest of its letters? "Queue"


And our own personal favorite?


The word "Swims" remains exactly the same, even when turned upside down


How cool is that?



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