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Immigrant MD Who Used Florida Highways as His Personal Racetrack Finally Dies in a Fiery Crash

At best, the cheerful news to this sordid story is that there is now at least, one less medically degreed fool blitzing down the freeways of Florida, en route to inevitably killing somebody. We say inevitably because thankfully, this particular fool managed to kill himself - and only himself - last weekend.

As reported by the Davie city police, Doctor Omar Awan, a 46-year-old anesthesiologist, lost control of his 2016 Tesla sportscar last Sunday afternoon, careened across 3 lanes on a busy thoroughfare known as Flamingo Road, slammed into a bunch of palm trees in the median, and promptly incinerated himself.

As a veteran Paramedic we can promise you this: some things are foreseeable

He did indeed.

And as the story unfolds, it becomes crystal clear that the explosive end to this maniacal man - who managed to spawn five children and then still repeatedly drive on public streets like a chimpanzee on chocolate - was pre-ordained. You see, last year in Broward County, this same idiot physician thought it was cool to blow through red-lights and drive at speeds of 65 in 45 mph zones. He was stopped by police and issued tickets. In both cases, a judge allowed him to avoid convictions by paying the fines, because, well, he wore a lab coat for a living. We wouldn't want to tarnish his driving record, eh?

In November, 2015 this doctor's 22-year-old son Kyle was killed on an I-595 freeway overpass, when, while driving his motorcycle at reckless speed, he careened over a retaining wall and fell nearly 100 feet to the ground below. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

So mayhaps you'd think a reckless driving dead son along with two tickets for driving dangerously himself, might cause this lab coat loon to slow down? Not on your life. Police nailed the egomaniac yet again in November - that time for racing 64 mph on a 45 mph city street. His trial was scheduled for March.

Too late.

Multiple witnesses told police the Tesla was speeding about 90 mph on South Flamingo Road about 4:30 pm last Sunday afternoon when it suddenly flew across the lanes in front of them and exploded into the trees.

Awan, a resident of Davie, was an immigrant, employed by Envision Physician Services in Plantation. He treated patients at Memorial Hospital Pembroke in Pembroke Pines.

And so it goes . . . .

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