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New Jersey's 'Dirty Dozen' Dufus Doctors of 2018. "Stupid is as Stupid Does"

A "dirty dozen" physicians in New Jersey managed to step into deep legal doo-doo this past year. So if you plan on setting an appointment with any of these dufus-docs, you'd best have a great Plan B. None of these characters will be seeing patients in 2019. And society is far better for it.

Here is a list kindly provided by the New Jersey State Office of Attorney General, that briefly explains why these medical maniacs' licenses were either suspended or revoked:

Doctor George Beecher - This 78-year-old lab-coat loon had his state medical license revoked last September 19, immediately after he finally got around to confessing to Narcotic Distribution and Conspiracy to deal drugs. Beecher, who ran a clinic in the city of Warren but lived in New Providence, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by Superior Court Judge Benjamin Bucca, for selling countless thousands of highly addictive doses of oxycodone.

Doctor Bonnie Chen - Chen, age 54, had her medical license permanently revoked last August, after state investigators were able to prove that she had routinely and for years, carelessly failed to exercise safe patient care practices, in prescribing testosterone and other potent hormone replacement medications. In a saner society this stethoscope stupe would have been sent off to jail. But no, she was spanked on the degreed butt and sent home to her room.

Doctor Kevin T Custis - Custis, age 51, confessed in federal court last April, to distributing anabolic steroids, from his drug-dealing clinics in Brooklyn and Asbury Park. This fool lost his medical license in July.

Doctor Robert J Dragert - This Princeton psychiatrist has had his medical license suspended for carelessly prescribing highly-addictive opioids for no medical purpose. But by golly, dealing narcotics sure was a cool way to rake in the big bucks, eh? At least, for a while.

Dufus Dragert, who worked at the Princeton House Behavioral Health, was suspended from seeing patients for 24 months after he routinely doled out narcotics for cash. Not to fret. This particular drug dealer will be back on the streets in no time.

Doctor Anthony Enrico - Enrico is a 60-year-old foot-freak who operated clinics in three cities, including Paterson and Passaic. After many years of over-prescribing large quantities of narcotics to patients for no medical reason, this pesky podiatrist managed to get his medical license revoked last summer. Now he'll have time to play with his own feet . . . and mayhaps do some personal sole searching.

Doctor Eddie Gamao - Gamao of Piscataway, earned the permanent revocation of his license after he routinely prescribed highly addictive opioid painkillers, in excessive amounts and dosages, to his patients. Gameo has been banned from treating patients after investigators proved that he prescribed at least 150,000 doses of the powerful OxyContin, within a single year - more than any known physician in the state.

Doctor Jose Leyson - Leyson, the director of a Newark medical clinic, confessed in federal court last January to writing illegal prescriptions for Oxycodone and Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud. Leyson's medical license was revoked and he was sentenced in June to 2 years probation and ordered to pay $45,000 in fines and restitution.

Doctor Vivienne Matalon - Matalon has had her medical license revoked by the State Medical Board, after they learned that the Cherry Hill family MD engaged in gross negligence and professional misconduct. Mad-woman Matalon was routinely prescribing the highly-restricted fentanyl spray called Subsys, to 3 patients who did not meet the medical criteria for receiving it. One of the patients died as a result of the bad prescription.

Doctor William F. Mclay - Mclay, age 74, was ordered to retire and give up his medical license, after law enforcement discovered the 74-year-old was over-prescribing Adderall, Oxycodone and Xanax for cash. The Division of Consumer Affairs' Enforcement Bureau ran the investigation.

Doctor Moishe Starkman - Starkman, a Burlington County family practitioner, had his medical license permanently revoked for over-prescribing massive quantities of opioid pills to patients for no legitimate purpose.

Starkman prescribed drugs to patients without performing physical exams or conducting diagnostic tests. He was found to have prescribed hundreds of opioid pills to patients each month, even to those who showed signs they were addicted to the drugs or were selling them.

Doctor Kenneth P. Sun - This Phillipsburg physician had his license revoked last September after he placed patients at risk by prescribing the cancer pain medication Subsys, who did not meet the criteria for receiving it. It was learned that he was paid at least $100,000 by the drug-maker Insys Therapeutics, to sell their drugs.

Doctor Eric Thomas - The State Medical Board has suspended the license of this Bergen County MD, for recklessly prescribing highly-addictive painkillers to patients for years, knowing they were misusing the drugs or selling them.

Thomas, age 44, was found to have prescribed large volumes of Oxycodone, OxyContin, morphine and other dangerous drugs, for no valid medical purpose, to people he treated between January 2012-May 2015.


It might interest you to know, that these 12 bad doctors are far less than one percent, of the 2,4000+ physicians who have already been found guilty of monstrous misbehavior, in just this past year.

Want the freaky news? There will assuredly be 2,400 more in 2019. Oh, you can bet the house on it.

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