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Oh, That Wild, Wild, Wacky World of Medical Billing Codes. Gotta Love 'em

In case you haven't heard, the ICD-10 just happens to be the International Classification of Diseases, used in the diagnosis, treatment and billing in the world of medical care. The "10" simply means it is in its tenth edition of the protocols.

Now you can trust us on this: when it comes to various & sundry ways to do things to your injured body and then charge you for services rendered, nobody - but NOBODY - is more creative than the disease-daft folks in the world of healthcare. They've come up with a whopping 68,000 different maladies they can bill you for.

And because this is the season for giving, we thought we'd cheerfully offer up these freaky items you just might find on your medical bill.

7. V91.07XD: Burns caused by water skis on fire (Water skis on fiiiiire?)

6. V95.43XS: Spacecraft collision injury (My God, how accident-prone would you have to be?)

5. W55.41XA: Bitten by pig, initial encounter​ (We'd need to hear the pig's side of the story)

4. Z63.1: Problems in relationship with in-laws (This is actually a disease?)

3. W55.21: Bitten by a cow (Being nibbled on by a buffalo is an entirely different malady)

2, V97.33XD: Sucked into jet engine (And you lived?)

And our personal phreaky physician favorite . . .

1. W61.62XD: Struck by duck (We always offer up 3 cheers for any trauma that rhymes)

And you wonder why insurance companies are such skeptical folks, reluctant to pay and all.

How anxious would YOU be to pay money to somebody who got goosed by a gander? Hmmmm?

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