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Halloween and ER Staff? Oh, My!

On this Halloween night plenty of ERs are staffing some seriously spooky characters. Whether they are "healthy" for the patients is in the eye of the be-ghosted, so you be the judge:

Zombie Nurses

This may be a curious choice on a trauma ward.

We saw 3 fems in scrubs sporting bloody red eyes, wild black mascara and faces ghostly white with baby powder. We dashed down the hall in search of a chocolate reprieve.

Marathon Runners

Everywhere. Running shoes, leggings, wristbands and headbands were amok. Race-themed numbers taped back and front. Coming in handy in a hectic ER night.


We saw one doc in a large black cape, a nifty widow's peak with face makeup. He also had two nasty fangs with black lipstick. Spooky indeed.

A Walking, Talking Fruit Salad

A whole bunch of ER staff combined purple scrubs and leafy head wreaths to make a group of grapes. The strawberries were bright red scrubs with black felt polka dots and green leaf hats. One very tall fellow was a highly convincing banana. We asked one nurse what part of the fruit salad she was. She wore bright yellow scrubs with brown crisscross patterns and a tall hat of leaves.

"I'm a pineapple, dummy."


And we came away with the notion that the only folks scarier than these are those freaky folks wearing . . .

lab coats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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