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Is It Sunday? Time For Some Polemic Lexemics . . .

If the lowest form of humor is the pun, might the limerick reign king, bar none?

What's Wrong With a Few Stray Calories?

A young foodie shunned meals that were fried And would constantly mock and deride People fond of cuisine Neither wholesome nor lean, Right up to the moment she died.

Falling on Deaf Ears

A nurse who would often complain About doctors, was ordered to rein In her practice, or face Being sacked in disgrace. She'd lose it in court, all in vain.

An Old Story

If you’d like to feel old, there’s a way Besides all those aches and that gray Just arrive home and then hear From your mate, “Hey my dear, Your Medicare card came today.”

Ode To The School Nurse

Hey ladies, remember your kindly school nurse?

Whom you'd swear, “Hey I’m sick. It’s ‘the curse.’ I have to skip gym and lie down"

You'd vow with fake frown 'Cuz exercise just makes it worse!

A Warning to Dodgy Docs

Although doing surgery is surely a grind, With sexting it ought not be combined. ’Tis a practice that’s mal and risk to the gal

or guy patients

We're guessing they certainly mind.

(We are indebted to terrific author Madeleine Begun Kane)

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