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USC Will Pay Out $215,000,000 in Doctor-Sexual Predator Case

In Los Angeles the University of Southern California school administration has announced they will to pay $215,000,000 to former patients who were treated - and/or mistreated - by a former doctor now being investigated as a sexual predator.

"We hope we can help our community move collectively toward reconciliation," (USC interim President, Doctor Wanda Austin)

Doctor George Tyndall, a longtime staff gynecologist employed at the USC campus health center, has denied all allegations of misconduct. But the announcement comes 24-hours after a jaw-dropping 93 women filed a federal class action lawsuit against the university, Their argument is that USC administration ignored female patient complaints for decades.

Tyndall has not been criminally charged, and the university denies the charge that their staff covered-up patient complaints. Los Angeles Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation into the complaints.

The university announced Friday they will pay a minimum of $2,500 to each former student who was treated by Doctor Tyndall. The most egregious cases may qualify for up to $250,000.

The settlement covers the class action lawsuit filed against USC on Thursday, but does not address the hundreds of complaints against the university and the former doctor that are simultaneously being filed in state court. Two class-action lawsuits were filed last May "on behalf of thousands of female students".

The women have testified that Tyndall groped them; took photos of them without permission and routinely made sexually provocative comments during pelvic exams

At least 20 former patients - all women - spoke with news reporters after the lawsuits were filed on Thursday.

George Tyndall worked at the USC clinic for 30 years. He was forced out last year after an internal investigation revealed he had routinely made inappropriate comments to the young patients.

USC's President C L Max Nikias was forced to resign this summer amid loud criticism of the administration's mishandling of sexual abuse allegations.

This case came to public light when a staff nurse working with Tyndall reported his predatory behavior at the clinic.

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