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40 Doctors Each Week Step Into Deep Legal Doo-doo. Here's a Tiny Sample

Does ANY other profession generate as much outright lunacy, fraud, suffering and death, than the daffy doc population?

Not that we can determine. And you can best believe we've spent years looking. Take a peek at this fraction of degreed degenerates, from just the last few days:

Patients died, families lived in fear, of doctor charged as drug dealer

Here's another pair of lab coat lunatics:

Westchester doctor, pharmacist illegally pushed oxycodone pills

Then there's this greedy Smirf ball:

Long Island doctor illegally prscribed millions of pain pills

How about this stethoscope scallywag?

St. Louis-area doctor charged with production of child pornography

Finally, get a load of this genital degenerate:

License suspension under review for Decatur doctor convicted of harassment

Now of course could make this stuff up. But with 2,400 mental midget MDs pooping in their grownup pants every year = why on earth would we need to?

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