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British MD Convicted in Child 'Sex-Change' Drugging Case

A physician in Great Britain who routinely administered sex-change hormones to children has been found guilty of illegally operating an unauthorized sex-altering service for profit.

Doctor Helen Webberley, a general practitioner in Wales, was arrested on multiple criminal charges of running an online ‘gender identity' treatment clinic, using the website She was convicted last Friday in a Magistrate Court.

Webberley's victims - at least one as young as 12 years old - were prescribed highly controversial, irreversible treatments. She was sanctioned first by the General Medical Council, after they received complaints by patients and their families. She was ordered to stop the dangerous practice. But she continued anyway, treating patients in her home in Monmouthshire, Wales, starting in the Fall of 2014.

The Healthcare Inspectorate of Wales originally launched an investigation against Webberley in 2017 and refused to allow her to continue advertising on the website. She was prosecuted after refusing to stop drugging the patients.

Stephanie Davies Arai of the Transgender Trend Group severely criticized Webberley in 2017, calling her a “rogue doctor prescribing serious life-changing treatments” to people too young to make such decisions. She says that Webberley was illegally drugging more than 800 patients after a mere 60 minute online seminar.

“Children’s identities are fluid,” Davies-Arai said. “The medication fixes an identity in place, with girls in particular left with irreversible effects.”

Webberley now faces "severe" fines. She is expected to be sentenced in mid-November.

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