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"Yoga Ball" Killer Doctor Gets Life in a Chinese Prison. "Stupid is as Stupid Does&qu

So clearly even the Chinese suffer Third World Assassins. They likely don't have as many as we do.

In Hong Kong a physician who was found guilty of murdering his wife and daughter by sneaking carbon monoxide poisoning into their car, has been sentenced to life in prison.

Doctor Khaw Kim Sun, age 53, had become estranged from his wife, Wong Siew Fing, age 47. But according to the court record the couple continued to live in the same home along with their four children, even though the doctor was having long-running affair with a college student.

"It is shocking that a highly educated and successful man would conjure up such a calculated method to get rid of his wife." (Judge Judiann B Wai-ling)

Investigators revealed that Khaw, a professor at a medical school, secretly inflated a yoga ball and placed it into the trunk of his wife's Mini Cooper in May, 2015. Both she and their 16-year-old daughter were found unconscious in the car, which was parked at a bus stop about an hour away. Their forensic blood tests revealed they had died as the result of acute carbon monoxide poisoning. Police tested the car's engine and exhaust system, which showed no leaky emissions came from the car itself.

Investigators learned that Khaw had taken carbon monoxide gas from the hospital in May of 2015 where he worked. His coworkers later testified that he'd said he needed to "test its purity". But he confused his lies when he told police he'd taken the gas home to exterminate rats.

A Hong Kong High Court jury of four women and five men convicted Sun, a Malaysian anesthesiologist, of double murder after deliberating for a full day on Wednesday.

Hong Kong investigators stated they were baffle for nearly two years regarding the exact manner of death, until they discovered the deflated yoga ball and had it tested. The doctor was arrested in September. They believe he killed his wife in order to inherit her property. His daughter was simply "expendable".

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