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Another Day, Another Criminal Immigrant Physician Guilty of H.C. Fraud/Theft. Will We Ever Frigging

In Tampa Florida federal court an Indian-American doctor has confessed to perpetrating an ongoing health insurance provider scheme, in order to steal money and amass personal wealth.

Doctor Jayam Krishna Iyer, age 66, pleaded guilty to one combined felony count of Healthcare Fraud on September 18.

According to investigators, Iyer operated a clinic called Creative Medical Center, located in Clearwater. The supposed medical function of the clinic was patient pain management. But as police testified, starting as early as July 2011, and continuing through December 2017, the pain doctor carried out a scheme to defraud Medicare, by billing for exams of Medicare patients when, in fact, many of them did not go to the clinic and were not examined by her on the "documented" dates.

In fact, oftentimes it was family members of patients who went to Iyer’s office instead, with notes requesting drugs, including narcotics like oxycodone, and Iyer issued those prescriptions. This violates the law requiring doctors to perform exams of each patient before issuing narcotics.

Detectives further discovered that Iyer would then falsify patient medical records and lie about patient physical findings, to make it appear people in severe pain were actually present in her office.

“He has a terrible pain in his neck. This started 11/2 years ago. Ever since his mother's death, he has had ongoing pain. He does a lot of construction work, wiring, etc., which makes the condition worse.” (Prosecution Exhibit 11, written after the undercover officer had told the doctor repeatedly that he was in no real pain but wanted narcotics)

Prosecutors were able to prove that Iyer illegally stole at least $51,500 via fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid claims.

This doctor immigrated to the U.S. under the guise of being an asset to society. She obtained her doctor of medicine degree in 1975 from Calicut University Medical College, in Kerala, India. As so many hundreds of others before her, she turned to medical crime in order to get rich off American taxpayers.

Now, will this despicable excuse for a medical professional, Jayam Krishna Iyer, be deported after her prison sentence? Of course not. America does not deport criminal immigrant MDs.

We relicense them in other states and allow them to victimize patients - and the system - over and again.

Here's more:

This Iver fraud case was investigated by the Opioid Fraud & Abuse Detection Unit - a Department of Justice pilot program to combat the devastating opioid crisis that is ravaging families and communities across America. The unit focuses specifically on opioid-related health care fraud using data to identify and prosecute individuals that are contributing to the prescription opioid epidemic.

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