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So-Cal Doctor and 'Girlfriend' Arrested in Multiple Drug Rapes Case. The Physician Crime-wav

A Southern Californian physician and a woman reported to be his girlfriend were arrested, handcuffed and taken to jail last week, after being charged with drugging and sexually assaulting two as yet unnamed women. And according to police, the evidence strongly suggests there are many more victims who have not yet come forward.

Doctor Grant W Robicheaux and Cerissa Laura Riley were arrested last Wednesday, September 12, after having been charged with several crimes, including Rape and Oral Copulation by Anesthesia, as reported by the Orange County District Attorney's office.

According to District Attorney Tony Rackauckas., detectives are examining “thousands and thousands of videos and images" on Robicheaux’s iPhone. He reported that numerous images showed women who “appear to be highly intoxicated, beyond the ability to either consent or resist, barely responsive to the defendant’s sexual advances." He added that photographs and videos revealed there are probably "many unidentified victims out there.”

“We tend to trust doctors who take an oath to do no harm. The second defendant, being a female, is key. A woman purporting to be his girlfriend clearly played a significant role in disarming the victims, making them feel comfortable and safe." (D.A. Tony Rackaukas)

Investigators say Robicheaux, age 38, and Riley, age 31, arranged to meet a 32-year-old unnamed woman in April at a restaurant in Newport Beach two years ago, and took her to Robicheaux’s apartment when she was heavily intoxicated. The doctor and his accomplice then apparently gave the victim multiple drugs and then sexually assaulted her while she was incapacitated. When the woman got home the next day, she called Newport Beach Police. Police say investigators found several "prescription-level substances" in her system - drugs that she was not prescribed and did not take on her own.

In another, similar event In October 2016, the defendants are believed to have had drinks with another woman at a Newport Beach nightclub until she was unconscious; then took her to Robicheaux’s apartment and raped her. According to law enforcement, the victim woke up and screamed for help until a neighbor called police.

When police searched the doctor's apartment after his arrest, they discovered "large amounts" of illegal drugs, two illegal, unregistered assault rifles and four other weapons.

According to the California State Medical Board, Grant W Robicheaux is a surgeon affiliated with the NewportCare Medical Group, specializing in micro-invasive hand surgery.

The defendants have been released on $100,000 bail each.

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