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Senator Hirono: "Men Need to Shut Up & Step Up" re: Judge Kavanaugh Case

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono has told the males of America to “shut up and step up,” when asked about the alleged sexual misbehavior of Judge Brett Kavanaugh over 30 years ago. Hirono also insists that accused Doctor Christine Blasey Ford “needs to be believed."

Well, what if I decided to suggest that women of Japanese-origin should shut up and step up – apologizing over and again for the sins of their war-mongering antecedents?

Ms. Hirono comes across as a pluperfect example of an educated fool - so myopic in her fem-partisan inanity, that I strongly suspect she can see through a keyhole with both eyes at the same time.

Time for a medical News Flash:

Myopia ain’t a skill – it’s a condition. And it’s not a malady to announce from the belfry.

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