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Doctor Who Shot & Killed His Father-in-Law Says He Ain't Liking Prison Much

Deep in our nation's tornado alley there sits a tiny town you've likely never heard of, known as Cordell Oklahoma. It's a village of 2,852 fairly civilized people, where tempers occasionally simmer but rarely end with dead folks sprawled on the front lawn, And up until recently the folks in Cordell had a doctor in town whom practically everybody knew, His name was Jerry Hernandez. But then on December 7, 2016, darned if this particular doc didn't have a heated discussion with his very own father-in-law over the election of - now, you might want to hold your ponies here - the election of one Donald J Trump.

We know, How could anybody get upset about Donald Trump? You're working yourself up to showing your shocked face, aren't you? WHHAAA!

The discussion ended abruptly, when Doctor Jerry Hernandez shot 78-year-old Roy Lee Weeaks. At trial the daffy-duck doc said he really hadn't planned to shoot Mr. Weeaks. Heck, he'd only pulled out a baseball bat at first. But then Weeaks went out to his car and grabbed a bag, which could have had a gun in it, so the doc had little choice but to pull out his own gun and shoot his family member in the chest. Some next of kin can really get under your skin, you know?

But a jury in Washita County Court thought the 57-year-old physician demonstrated a remarkable lack of respect for human life, So in July 2018 they found Doctor Jerry Hernandez guilty of Manslaughter, and sent him off to Oklahoma State Prison for 4 years.

The latest word around Cordell is that Jerry isn't happy with his new housing situation. They say he isn't too keen on the food, either. No word on what he thinks of Donald Trump.

As we have mentioned numerous times over the last 30 years . . . some doctors excel at acting like brats in a sandbox, and are quite literally dumber than a box of rocks.

But hey! Let's all keep pretending they're they smartest primates in the room.

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