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Thoughts on The Teenager Who Pushed Her Friend Off a 60' Bridge

Paramedic Heretic opinion on Jonathan Turley Website:

August 19, 2018 at 2:34 PM

Unfathomable, self-centered “anything for the camera” idiocy. Anything less than jail time for this teen-twit rewards the behavior. But hey! Her urban gorilla antics went viral, so what could possibly trump internet fame?

Any bets how many more fools are going to leap off that same, now famous, bridge?

This case underscores why medics like myself grow busier by the year. In how many more creative ways are we capable of embarrassing our "beacon for the planet?"

Mayhaps people actually flood the borders for a front-row seat at our Grand Land of Lunacy.

Our group reflex toward mental midgetry appears to be expanding as rapidly as the Red Shift. Which brings us to a sobering News Flash:

American behavior ain’t flying on any known sustainable trajectory. Like a freaky rocket, our stabilizers are failing, and we've developed a wildly wicked wobble.

Houston, for God sakes, we have a problem.

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