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Physician Predators Among Us: It Ain't Brain Surgery. We Reap What We Sow

University of Southern California administration has thoroughly embarrassed a fine institution

In Los Angeles more than 50 women have come forward to accuse a former USC physician of sexual misconduct - and it's beginning to look like most of them will file lawsuits against both the doctor and school. The women contend that USC administration knew full well that one of their staff MDs was routinely abusing young patients, yet continued to shield him from prosecution for more than 30 years.

Doctor George Tyndall was the University of Southern California's only full-time gynecologist for three decades, and is believed to have treated thousands of students since he was hired in 1988.

This doctor abused "generations of women for nearly 30 years," according to Andy Rubenstein, an attorney who reports they expect to go forward with a class action lawsuit against both Tyndall and the university.

Now, it would be nice to report that physician sexual predators are a rarity in American society. It would also be an outright lie. Since the creation of the National Practitioner Data Bank 35 years ago, the NPDB has accumulated a jaw-dropping 250,000 doctors who fall under the categories of "Dangerous" or "Questionable," And a stunning number of those have been documented as sexual predators in lab coats.

Take a peek at this - merely one study - by the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

As we have reported ad nauseum for 12 years, we as a society are shockingly naïve when it comes to how benevolent modern healthcare actually is.


Here's another sobering view of just how far modern 'healthcare' ethics have fallen:

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