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Butt-head Doctor "BumBum" Kills Patient With His Deadly Tush-Filler Antics

In Brazil, a celebrity "butt-enhancement" surgeon known to his mentally-challenged fans as "Doctor BumBum" now finds himself behind bars, after performing a highly dangerous, totally unnecessary injection procedure that killed his most recent patient.

Doctor Denis Furtado, age 45, was arrested last Thursday after hiding from police for several days when he learned they had already arrested the doctor’s mother, his nurse and his 19-year-old girlfriend, who helped with his, "We'll just do it in my house" home-spun procedure. They are all charged with Homicide.

The case began when a bank manager named Lilian Calixto, age 46, went to meet with Furtado in Rio de Janeiro last week. Calixto apparently arrived at Furtado’s apartment on Saturday night. Within an hour after receiving the injections at about 10:00pm, she reportedly went immediately unconscious and began gasping for air, her condition worsening by the minute. Instead of calling an ambulance the doctor carried Lilian to his car and took her to the local ER, where she was admitted at 11:00pm in "extremely severe condition, unresponsive". Within two hours she was dead.

The early medical report revealed that Furtado had carelessly injected the filler into Lilian Calixto's bloodstream, which caused a deadly clot to travel through a blood vessel and into her heart and lungs.

Furtado is frequently seen on Brazilian television and claims to have performed at least 8,000 buttock enlargement surgeries.

"I have gained my nickname "Dr BumBum" and it makes me very proud."

According to Globo news website, this is not Furtado's first screwup - he has been professionally banned from treating patients in Rio. He is believed to have been accused numerous times of performing illegal procedures and other crimes against his patients.

Doctor Niveo Steffen, President of the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society, has warned the public of seeking treatments from, "non-specialists" like Furtado, who perform dangerous procedures.

Doctor Steffen says many women have died from injections of synthetic polymers like polymethylmethacrylate, otherwise known as acrylic glass.

PMMA is a rigid, transparent and colorless, thermoplastic material, popular because of its "low cost", according to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

"You cannot perform plastic surgery in an apartment!"

Incidentally, the only country in the world that has a higher number of unnecessary plastic surgeries than Brazil?

The United States - 5,000 per day.

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