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Criminal Immigrant Physicians Are Convicted Every Week. And We Keep Right on Letting Them in

In Montgomery Alabama another immigrant criminal-physician - already found guilty of Medical Fraud in federal court - was sentenced June 28 on separate crimes in state court, too.

You just have to love these lab-coat gifts to society, do you not? Their crime sprees just never stop. This one defrauded 5 U.S. healthcare providers and sent the cash back to the Middle East.

In the sequestered halls of hospitals we call these idiots Third World Assassins.

Doctor Rassan Tarabein, a Baldwin County practitioner who immigrated from Syria, was sentenced in Montgomery County Court to 5 years in prison - the same amount of jail time he received in his federal sentence earlier last month. He got extremely lucky in that his sentences will run concurrently, which means he will be released in 60 months instead of 120 months,

Tarabein's federal sentence includes repaying the nearly $15,000,000 he stole from health insurance programs over a 13-year period that began in 2004. His clinic was raided by the FBI in 2016.

This particular stethoscope stupe, age 58, who operated the Eastern Shore Neurology and Pain Center, a private clinic in Daphne, finally confessed that for well over a decade, until his arrest in May 2017, he operated his clinic as an insurance scam enterprise, where he convinced hundreds of patients they needed what was in actuality totally medically unnecessary exams, tests and procedures.

He also confessed to operating as a prescription drug dealer, doling out narcotics for fun and profit.

Here's another look at this creep:

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