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3rd World Assassins: Their Uncivilized Behavior in the U.S. is Shocking

An immigrant doctor who once treated patients at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. decided to change his 'not guilty' plea to 'guilty' last December, in a particularly ugly case. In a soap opera that was chockfull of idiotic behavior - this was likely his smartest move, because the doctor's attorney advised him that if a jury heard what he'd done, he would almost certainly spend 40 years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend's unborn child.

It seems that Doctor Sikander Imran, a Pakistani-origin physician, was arrested in May 2017, after investigators learned that his girlfriend - a nurse named Brook Fiske - abruptly lost her healthy third-trimester baby. Why did the baby die? Well, because the doctor-boyfriend-baby-daddy poisoned Ms. Fiske with what the coroner's lab reported was at least 800 milligrams of the abortion drug called Misoprostol.

He was also charged with Assault, and Illegally Altering Food or Drink with Drugs.

Fiske, who lived in Farmington New York, was involved with the unstable Doctor Imran for several years, while they both worked in New York. Why an adult woman of intelligence enough to be herself a critical care registered nurse, would remain in a relationship with a mentally impaired foreigner with a seriously impaired cultural backround, is the subject of another discussion. But we do know that when she was three months pregnant last May, she went to Arlington Virginia to visit the doctor at his apartment.

Right away she realized, "He didn't want to have a baby and he tried to talk me into having an abortion. I didn't want to do that,"

"He gave me a cup of tea and I noticed as I was finishing it there was a gritty substance at the bottom of the cup," she told investigators. "I stared at it and realized it was a pill that had been ground up." She was horrified.

Brook Fiske went into active labor within 90 minutes, and was taken to Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington. Within several hours she suffered a spontaneous abortion. Her emergency room lab results revealed an unexplainable high amount of Misoprostol in her blood, which she knew could have only been administered in the hot cup of strong tea. It was the devilish doctor who had served up that tea. So the ER staff called police, who responded, questioned, handcuffed and toted the idiot Imran off to jail.

Doctor Sikander Imran was now looking at a criminal trial on the nasty charge of Fetal Homicide. He faced life in prison if he'd been convicted at trial. So by the legal magic called "taking a plea," he loses his medical license and gets a shockingly short sentence.

On May 18, 2018, the murderous immigrant Imran received a state prison sentence of 3 years. He could have gotten 5 years had he robbed the corner store of potato chips. But the man is a duh . . . duh . . . doctor.

Our Observations:

So yet another immigrant MD sits in a cage - just one of hundreds we all pay to incarcerate -this one at Arlington County Detention Center. He is scheduled to be transferred to Virginia State Prison soon,

Will imbecilic Imran be deported back to Pakistan after he is released from prison for murdering a baby? You can bet the house that he will not be deported. The United States does not deport criminal doctors. Because that would be . . . well, smart.

Instead, for reasons that can only make sense in The Twilight Zone, our fearless leaders believe it's a bright idea to keep them around to wreak even more havoc on a cell-phone distracted citizenry. That way they can move across state lines, you see, set up a fresh business and treat a whole new batch of ignorant patients for cash. Folks who know absolutely nothing of their criminal histories.

And in this regard, the United States of America is appallingly, ridiculously, stupid.

Here are a few other examples of 3rd World Assassins at work. Trust us, we could list 300 more.

America, for God sakes it's far past time to grow a collective body part that thinks.

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