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England's Worst Serial Killer? A Drug-addicted Doctor Allowed to Keep Right on Treating Patients

One of the ugliest realities of modern healthcare is that criminal physicians are - far too often - fawned over and coddled, prayed to and adored, by the same medical authorities who are in the perfect position to stop the madness when they have the chance. And when it comes to proof, one need look no further than the preposterously mishandled case of Doctor Harold Frederick Shipman.

Medical monster Shipman - who would grow up to become Great Britain's worst serial killer - was 28 years old when he was convicted of forging narcotic prescriptions in order to feed his nasty drug addiction, back in 1975. By that time - unknown to authorities - he had already deliberately killed at least 5 of his patients. Instead of shutting him down for his proven errancy, England's General Medical Council ignored police warnings; fined him a ridiculous $1200, and allowed a drug-addict to continue to treat patients, saying he was "no danger to either patients or society."

A tiny handful of the poor victims of the evil doctor Shipman

So Shipman did what bad doctors do in America - he moved away and started all over. And just like in the good ol' USA, he was totally unsupervised as he undressed people for money behind closed doors. So by the time he was finally arrested again in September, 1998 at age 52, he had murdered at least 250 patients.

Doctor Harold Shipman was finally convicted in Preston Crown Court in the year 2000 and sentenced to life in prison. And in January, 2004, while living in a cage at Wakefield Prison, Doctor Harold Shipman was found hanging in his cell. on the evening of his 58th birthday.

One more note worth mentioning:

10 days after the worst killer in Great Britain's history was found guilty, England's General Medical Council determined that, well, yes, the doctor was not fit to treat patients anymore after all. They cancelled his medical license.

Think this garbage-level lapse in physician "discipline" couldn't happen where you live?

Oh, to one degree or another, it happens every day of the year.

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