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Freaky Doctors and Their Dead Wives . . .

In the city of Cayce South Carolina, a physician was arrested last Thursday in the shooting death of a Columbia pharmaceutical salesman. The arrest came just 2 days after the doctor's wife was also found dead, according to law enforcement spokeswoman Ashley Hunter.

Doctor Adam Marcus Lazzarini, age 46. turned himself into the Lexington County Detention Center, where he was handcuffed and later charged with Involuntary Manslaughter. Within a matter of hours, Coroner Margaret Fisher reported that Lazzarini's wife, Vanessa Brooke Biery, had been found dead in her home too.

Vanessa Biery's home on Hunters Mill Drive in Cayce, is also where Mr. William Player Holland, age 36, died last October -killed by a gunshot wound to the chest. According to police, Lazzarini "knowingly and willingly lied to investigators by providing false and conflicting versions of the incident. The defendant also withheld information regarding a witness, with the intent obstruct the investigation."

Vanessa Biery, Adam Lazzarini and William P Holland

Police say Lazzarini, an orthopedic surgeon, was under the influence of alcohol when he pointed a handgun at Holland's chest and fired. There is no known motive as yet.

Vanessa, age 43, was found dead in her home after the doctor called 911 at about 7:00 last Tuesday morning.

The doctor has not been charged for the death of his wife, and police have not yet announced the details of how and when she died.

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