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California Doctor on Trial Performs CPR on Dying Juror at the Courthouse

In Alameda County Superior Court on March 28 a man involved in the jury selection process collapsed in the corridor during a morning break, struck his head hard on the floor and suffered an immediate cardiac arrest. That was interesting in itself.

What's truly curious is that the jurors were being interviewed by opposing attorneys for a medical malpractice case against Doctor James Frederick Lilia. And as the drama in the corridor unfolded, Doctor Lilia and his medical assistant jumped into action. They started immediate lifesaving measures, which included proper body positioning, chest compressions and administering electric shocks, using an available AED device.

Lilia is an Ob/Gyn specialist who works in San Jose. He has been charged in a civil suit of medical malpractice by a bay-area couple, who claim the doctor was negligent in treating the woman involved, Stephenie Sargiotto.

The unnamed potential juror - one of 36 being interviewed - was treated by paramedics on the scene and transported to the nearest emergency room. It is not known whether he survived.

Lilia is the chief medical officer of Verthermia Inc, a medical device company focusing on innovative treatments for metastatic cancer.

Because of the emergency however, the judge ordered a mistrial, due to concerns that the doctor's rescue efforts might unfairly score points with the witnessing jurors. The entire jury pool was dismissed and the case will resume this month.

Here's another look at this case:

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