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Yes, Bill Cosby Now Faces Prison. But Hundreds of Physician-Predators? Not a Chance. Medical Boards

A recent investigation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reveals that a stunning 450 doctors nationwide were ordered to face authorities for sexual misbehavior in just a 24-month period, beginning in 2016. Over a 6-year period, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has documented cases involving more than 3,500 physicians. Their victims were adults and children, staff members and patients. Investigators discovered that in just about half of those cases, the doctors remain licensed and continued undressing people behind closed doors.

In many cases doctors were found guilty and spent time in jail - then returned to treating patients as if nothing had ever happened.

Here is a sample of cases revealed by the study:

In California, Doctor Winson Koo violated an adult female patient during an exam for low back pain at Kaiser Santa Clara. The patient reported to police that the doctor inserted ungloved fingers into her vagina; started asked questions about her sexual experiences and then put his mouth near her genitals and asked, “Can I?”

No criminal charges were ever filed, but the California State Medical Board believed the patient after interviewing the doctor. And last summer, Koo was ordered to take a “Sexual Boundaries” course and have a babysitter in the room during during medical exams. He’s still with Kaiser, in case you want to avoid him.

In Jacksonville Florida Doctor Om Parkash Kapoor was arrested for pulling his pants down and pleasuring himself during an exam of a male patient. In spite of the fact that a previous patient had complained to authorities of a similar incident, Kapoor is listed as a physician in good standing and continues working.

In Nevada Doctor Jorge Y Burgos was allowed to return to practice this month in after he was convicted last year on 3 counts of Gross Lewdness involving patients.

In Texas Doctor Richard Martin Roberts is still allowed to treat patients even after the state medical board found he routinely conducted genital exams on young girls who were being seen for colds, headaches and sprained ankles.

Even in the year 2018, MDs continue to be insulated by a healthcare system where state medical boards are dominated by physicians shielding unethical medical colleagues, and criminal charges for physician sexual predator acts are rare.

“Medical boards are unwilling to punish doctors, often saying, ‘He’s recovering’ or ‘He wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t been using drugs.’ They make all kinds of excuses.”

(Dr. John K. Hall, former executive director of the Mississippi Medical Board)

One physician predator who was finally jailed is Doctor Larry Nassar, age 54, the former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University team doctor. But even Nassar escaped arrest for decades. A young female athlete's complaint as far back as 2004 was ignored, Police believed Nassar when he said the way he touched girls was "medically appropriate",and took no action.

But nasty Nassar was in fact a predator who assaulted young female patients for years. At his trial the court heard testimony of more than 100 young women who were Nassar victims. He is now in prison for life.

So yes, Bill Cosby - "America's TV Dad" - finally got nailed. But why did it take 40 years?

Larry Nassar finally sits in a deserved cage. But why did it take 20 years?

How many thousands of other medical monsters are out there, who will never, ever see the inside of a deserved prison cell? And why is this? Because they enjoy the comfort and protection of the White Coat Conspiracy of Silence.

The ugly end result is that we as a society are getting exactly what we are collectively stupid enough to tolerate.

Pity, don't you think?

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