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The Worst Drug-dealers in America? Criminal Doctors and Their Reindeer Games. You Can Bet the Bank o

A California physician has been sentenced this week in Los Angeles Federal Court to 5 years in prison, after being convicted in a jury trial of running a blatant drug operation out of his so-called medical clinic.

Doctor Edward A. Ridgill, who commuted to his clinic in Lynwood from his home in Indio, was found to have been routinely issuing illegal prescriptions for sedatives and narcotics to hundreds of people for no medical reason, Department of Justice investigators learned that nearly all of the drug-dealing doc's "patients" were young people with no clinical need for the powerful drugs they were paying for in cash,

Ridgill, age 65, was found guilty last December of 26 felonies, involving Illegal Narcotic Distribution. At trial, prosecutors were able to prove that Ridgill illegally prescribed the opioid hydrocodone - often sold under the brand name Norco - as well as Xanax and the muscle relaxant Soma.

Even after all the education, thousands of MDs are literally dumber than a box of rocks

So prolific was this doctor's drug-dealing operation that police discovered Ridgill wrote 21,000 prescriptions in just a 36-month period - the majority of which were for maximum strength narcotics. Investigators revealed that in just one 12-month period, Ridgill deposited $175,000 cash into his personal account.

Ridgill’s Lynwood cash-for-drugs scheme was so well -known to drug abusers that his visitors drove in from as far away as Desert Hot Springs and Palmdale, His drug-dealing business was so lucrative that this lab coat lunatic showed up at "work" no more than 3-4 hours per day. When DOJ agents raided his office, they found cash stuffed in file cabinets and medical chart folders.

So now he sits behind bars, joining an ever-growing medical miscreants=in=jail fraternity that boasts = as nearly as we can determine - at least 11,200 other doctors.

The Doctor Edward Ridgill criminal drug distribution case was conducted by the Tactical Diversion Squad of the Drug Enforcement Administration; the Los Angeles Police Department, the Torrance Police Department and IRS Criminal Investigation.

And the well-behaved citizens in society? Well, we get to pay hard-earned money to fund these multi-million dollar, long-term medical/criminal investigations, forced upon us by thousands of garbage-level practitioners. Go figure.

American healthcare the best in the world? Forget it. We're not even close.

Here's another look as this particular medical maniac:

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