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New York MD Confesses to Stealing Wads of Cash From State Workers' Compensation Insurance Progra

In Oneida County a physician has changed his 'not guilty' plea to 'guilty' in a medical billing fraud case. Officials say he systematically wrote up fake bills in order to amass wealth.

"This doctor brazenly supplemented his income through an illicit medical mill that left honest physicians at an unfair competitive disadvantage, With pure greed, he billed for services he was supposed to personally oversee but was instead traveling across the state or vacationing abroad." (Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott)

Doctor Gregory B. Shankman, a resident of Clinton, admitted this week in Oneida County Court that he did indeed illegally bill the New York State Workers' Compensation System for more than $86,000.

Shankman, a 70-year-old orthopedic surgeon, defrauded the workers' comp program by outright lying. He falsely documented that he was performing medical exams at his clinic in Utica, during times when investigators discovered he was actually out of state, and sometimes out of the country. He would also routinely create "ghost medical charts" - which in order to be true, would have required him to be working at two different clinics at the same time.

State investigators discovered that sneaky Shankman was brazen enough to actually document that was examining patients on 150 occasions between January 2015-August 2017 when he was never there at all.

This particular lab coat loon has now had his medical license revoked, and is expected to be sentenced to prison in the first week of June.

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