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Doctor in Australia Murders His Wife; Goes to Prison; Gets Out; Gets His Medical License Back

In the city of Sidney a physician who shot his former wife in the head with a rifle is one step closer to regaining his full medical licensure by the Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The doctor had already regained a medical license which allowed him to treat adults. He is now seeking full licensure in order to treat children.

As is customary in Australia, the physician's identity is hidden and he is referred to publically only by his initials - DJS.

According to his trial record, the doctor used a high-powered rifle to murder his former wife. He shot her four times, including once in the head, in the yard of her home, a month after their divorce in 1987. He was immediately arrested.

Although he was originally charged with Murder, the prosecution allowed the lab coat lunatic to confess to the lesser plea of Manslaughter, because he had been drunk at the time.

He served a paltry 2 years in prison and was released in 1990.

The doctor, now age 69, was allowed to continue working in the medical profession again in 1994.

What other professional gets to hide his name and get away with Murder?

Still wonder why we call the world of medicine The Twilight Zone?


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