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Mid-Eastern Doctors and Sexual Perversions. Is Pent-up Religious Frustration the Cause?

The deep legal doo-doo that an immigrant-Iranian MD in Redding now finds himself mired in, just keeps getting deeper with each new, despicable revelation. And only the truly naïve would show their shocked face. After all, Mid-Eastern physicians repeatedly demonstrate a stunning lack of impulse control, when it comes to nearly-nude women behind closed doors.*

In Shasta County Superior Court today Judge Daniel Flynn announced that Doctor Hamid Rabiee, is being charged on a whopping 71 new counts related to Patient Sexual Assault. He had already been arrested on 28 similar felony charges and has been in jail since last year - held on $4,000,000 bail.

The new charges, found valid for prosecution by the Shasta County Grand Jury last week, include False Imprisonment; Sexual Exploitation of Patients; Sexual Battery by Fraud; Sexual Battery by Restraint; Sexual Penetration by Fraud.

Rabiee, age 61, has pleaded not guilty to all charges. He is scheduled for his next hearing in Shasta County Superior Court on April 19.

Rabid Rabiee graduated from Tehran University Medical School and came to the United States in the 1980s. At the time of his first arrest he was on staff at Mercy Medical Center in Redding, and St. Elizabeth Community in Red Bluff, as a neurologist. Which is a wholly appropriate specialty, because this physician pervert had a lot of nerve.

We can scarcely blame folks for getting confused. After all, most lab coat lunatics look and act fairly normal, out in public. Take a look at this fellow, for example:

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