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Foul-mouthed, Egotistical Surgeon Told to Not Drink Anymore. Well, That Ought to Teach Her

A surgeon with a history of repeatedly driving drunk, who moved to Corpus Christi Texas from Wisconsin, has promised the Texas Medical Board that she will not drink for at least 15 years.

We'll gleefully do the math for her. She's supposed to stay sober in the Longhorn State until New Year's Day, 2033.

We'll see how well that works out for the local freeway commuters.

Doctor Melissa Macias, who managed to accumulate at least 3 three Drunk Driving convictions before she crossed state lines and moved to Texas, was ordered by the Board to abstain from alcohol in a legal hearing on March 2.

The wayward MD must also participate in a drug-testing program, among other mandates.

Macias, age 50, was found guilty of DWI after her arrest in March 2016, in Wisconsin. At that time she was employed as a neurosurgeon. She was handcuffed and held in county jail overnight. Police learned she had at least two previous convictions, dating back to 2014 and 1991. She was disciplined by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board for the March 2016 incident, after which she decided it was time for a fresh start where patients didn't know they were being operated on by an alcohol abuser.

Sometimes they look almost normal

Macias applied for and was accepted by the South Texas Brain & Spine Center in Corpus Christi in November 2016. She is a staff surgeon at that facility.

According to the Texas Medical Board if the doctor violates the order her medical license could immediately be suspended.

In which case . . . she can - and likely would - simply move to another state, and , , , and , , , wait for it - get hired by another hospital.

Still wonder why we call it the Twilight Zone?

Here's our previous story:

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