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Criminal Immigrant MD Steals $1.5M; Runs a Drug Biz; Gets 3-year Term

In Morristown Tennessee still another greedy, immigrant husband and wife medical team has been sent off to prison for drug-dealing. If it sounds like we are repeating ourselves it's because, well, we are.

Last Wednesday Doctor Abdelrahman Mohamed, age 64, and Cecilia Manacsa, age 59, managed to finagle their way right into federal prison. Mohamed for 3 years, and his wife for a year and one-half. The court also directed them to fork over $720,000 in restitution.

This lab coat pair of thieves actually confessed in U.S. District Court in Greeneville in September 2017, to 11 felonies, including Conspiracy to Commit Healthcare Fraud and 10 other counts of fraud.

Mohamed was the owner of Hamblen Neuroscience Center in Morristown - a neurology and pain management clinic. Manacsa supervised the employees and oversaw the submission bills to Medicare and TennCare.

Prosecutors revealed that from January 2012, to September 2016, the doctor and his manager scheduled far more patients per day than could be physically treated - about 50 people over a 6-hour work-day. The so-called patients were ordered to line up in the hallway outside of the doctor's office, where he would see them one at a time for 60-second exams with the door open. He would then issue them a narcotic prescription and say, "Next."

How did medicine become so Twisted? (Nancy Rosen, Artist)

Investigators discovered this process was repeated all day, everyday, until all waiting people had gotten a prescription. Then every "patient" was scheduled to return for another "exam" next month.

Drug-pusher Mohamed eventually confessed in court that he issued thousands of scam prescriptions for narcotics for more than 4 years. He also admitted that the prescriptions were for no normal medical reasons.

Mohamed instructed staff members to submit fraudulent medical treatment bills to TennCare and Medicare, claiming they were owed $1,535,000 for the faked services.

This criminal physician emigrated from Sudan after graduating of Khartoum North Hospital and Soba University Hospital, in 1976.

"This fraud resulted in massive theft, and risked the health and safety of patients, by prescribing opioids with no physical exam,” (Derrick Jackson, FBI special agent in charge)

So tell us: If YOU stole a million and a half dollars from somebody, would you expect to get 36 months in jail?

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