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Kentucky Doctor/Drug-dealer Convicted of Selling 1,000+ Narcotic Pills a Day

In Covington Kentucky yet another physician drug-dealer has been handcuffed and carted off to prison. It seems the ridiculous criminal doctor gravy train just never stops - nor does it even slow down, does it?

Doctor Sundiata El-Amin, age 69, has been convicted of doling out well over 300,000 oxycodone tablets over a 12-month period of time. We'll gleefully do the math for you: that works out to be just about 1,000 pills for every day the clinic was open.

El-Amin was found guilty in a jury trial of committing 172 drug-related crimes, nearly all occurring at his sham medical business called the El-Amin Clinic located in Grant County, Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati Ohio.

The Covington court convicted El-Amin of Conspiracy to Illegally Distribute Controlled Substances, maintaining a drug distribution premises, and 170 individual felonies of drug-dealing.

"This is another example of a medical professional being found guilty of choosing profit over medical judgment and callously fueling the opioid epidemic," said Robert M. Duncan Jr., U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky.

El-Amin's drug of choice was Oxycodone - a synthetic narcotic, which can legitimately be prescribed as a pain medication when dispensed for medical reasons. But over the past 10 years the drug has developed a high potential for abuse and can be extremely dangerous.

Oxycodone sales by criminal physicians also happens to be one of the most common - and lucrative - criminal acts in the world of healthcare.

At trial the prosecution was able to prove that this particular screwball MD conspired with his office manager - a woman named Wendy Price - to illegally dispense at least 300,000 Oxycodone tablets. The evidence revealed that El-Amin would routinely issue sham prescriptions for high doses of the narcotic while performing no patient exam whatsoever.

El-Amin was actually arrested in December 2015. His office manager Wendy Price admitted her role on the drug-dealing clinic last month.

El-Amin, who before his arrest lived in Fort Wayne Indiana, could get life in prison when he is sentenced in July.

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