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Merck Pharmaceutical Faces Yet Another Patient-injury Lawsuit

Merck Pharmaceuticals is about to be hauled into court yet again - this time over the drug-maker’s questionable vaccine used to treat the painful medical condition called shingles,

The name of the drug in question this time is Zostavax, and the list of patients who swear that they have been injured by the drug stands now at 18, and appears to be growing.

Attorneys for the patients named in the class action lawsuit say they can prove that Merck created and then sold an “unreasonably dangerous vaccine” that resulted in serious injuries after being administered. The patients affected live primarily in the Midwest - Michigan and Wisconsin - but also in Tennessee, Louisiana and South Carolina. As is legal protocol, the lawsuit was filed in court in the state where the Merck administration office is located - New Jersey. The case was filed on July 11.

According to the lawsuit, Zostavax - purportedly designed to preventing shingles - instead caused at least 18 people "to contract a persistent strain of herpes zoster." The end result, they say, has been painful outbreaks and continued, ongoing nerve-damage treatments.

“We believe that Merck knew - or should have known - that its product caused viral infection, and was therefore not safe for administration to consumers,” the suit says.

The lawsuit includes language of failure to warn patients, of negligence, of defective design, breach of warranties, of misrepresentation involving risk of physical harm. The suit pleads for a jury trial.

Merck made $750,000,000 from Zostavax sales in 2017.

Here's another look at this despicable drug cartel:

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