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Doctor/Rapist Strikes Again. Courts Let Him Walk the Streets . . . Yes, Again

In the city of New York a convicted doctor/rapist - who should have been in prison but wasn't - has now been arrested yet again on charges of Patient Rape and Sexual Molestation.

Don't you just love what passes for physician discipline in America?

Doctor Ricardo Cruciani, a neurology specialist who worked at Beth Israel Hospital before he was fired, was arrested and handcuffed this week on more charges of sexual assault - this time 6 female patients in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Cruciana, age 63, is believed to have forced oral sex on the women, as well as raped attempted rape, when they were physically and mentally incapable of fighting him off. Investigators learned of the most recent charges when one victim called a sex abuse hotline and reported the perverted doctor's assaults.

At his most recent court hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court, Cruciani was allowed to once again - unbelievably - post bail and then avoid reporters by hiding inside the office of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

"Doctor Ricardo Cruciani, 63, a neurologist who worked at Beth Israel Medical Center, was arrested Tuesday for raping and sexually assaulting multiple women in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania."

In the earlier case, it was last September in Philadelphia where police arrested Cruciani on sexual assault charges based on reports by 7 other women. He was at the time the chairman of the neurology department at Drexel University Hospital. After learning of the evidence, Drexel fired him. but the sexual predator dodged an appropriate prison term when a Pennsylvania judge sentenced him to Probation in November. The state revoked his medical license.

Police believe Cruciani has sexually assaulted at least 17 women in 3 states - Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, over the course of about 12 years. So where is this monster today?

Sitting in the lap of luxury in his fine home in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

And you wonder why we call the world of medicine The Twilight Zone.

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