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Shia Muslim Doctors Out on Bail in Michigan; Await Genital Mutilation Trial

In Detroit two Mid-Eastern physicians are out on bail. Their names are doctors Jumana Nagarwala and Fakhruddin Attar. Nagarwala, the primary suspect, was released from federal custody this week on a $4,500,000 bond and now awaits trial on the gruesome charges of Female Genital Mutilation.

Nagarwala, now age 45, of Northville Michigan, was fired by Henry Ford Health System when her part in the child sexual "cutting" case came to light. She originally was denied bail by the court because she is an Indian national and a possible flight risk. The judge explained that if she flees the country she and her husband would forfeit their home and those who guaranteed her bond would be ordered to pay the full $4,500,000.

Nagarwala's attorney has already admitted that the doctor was performing the illegal procedures, but insists that it is a Muslim religious rite and therefore is not wrong.

Nagarwala was arrested last April and Henry Ford Health System announced she was placed on administrative leave April 13. They said this:

"We are shocked by the allegations. The alleged criminal activity did not occur at any Henry Ford facility. We would never support or condone anything related to this practice. The doctor was immediately placed on administrative leave."

Two weeks later she was terminated from her position as an ER physician.

According to investigators, there is no evidence any of the child genital cuttings were done at Henry Ford Health System facilities.

Nagarwala is charged along with another Muslim physician, Doctor Fakhruddin Attar and his wife, Farida Attar. Four others were also arrested in connection with the monstrous acts.

The trial date for the case has again been moved forward – this time for at least eight months,

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