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Pakistani Nurses Fed up With Sexual Harassment -They Beat up the Surgeon

In the city of Karachi a group of nurses evidently had about all they were willing to take from a sexual predator physician they were forced to work with on a daily basis. So they beat the hell out of Doctor Ramesh Hotlani right in the hospital.

Three cheers for the nurses. American medical professionals could learn a thing or two from hospital staff in Pakistan.

In fact, so badly was this lab coat loon clobbered that other medical staff decided they'd better intervene, lest the doc get himself appropriately killed. So they rescued the injured MD from the outraged nurses, and then they called the police.

One nurse, who spoke for the group at Mirpur Khas Hospital, told investigators the physician in question was routinely sexually assaulting her and several others in the surgical suite.

Hospital administration stated they would convene a panel of professionals to investigate the case and determine an appropriate outcome.

According to the reporting nurses, the same surgeon had been found guilty of sexual harassment in the past as well. They say as far back as 2014 he was convicted of grabbing, kissing and groping a woman staff member and was scheduled to be fired. But the termination never happened because he had powerful colleagues within the administration.

This time, says the Pakistani Minister of Health Doctor Sikandar Mandhro, if the surgeon is found guilty, he can expect "the strictest punishment."

“In this profession such behavior is not acceptable."

The doctor, however, said he had only stopped the nurses from “doing makeup” in the operating room, when they “attacked” him for no reason.

Sounds right to us. We've witnessed nurses abused by doctors for 30 years. As our Indiana farmer Dad used to say, sometimes you have to smack a mule with a shovel, just to get their attention.

And did they ever.

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