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'The 'Greatest Nation on Earth?' Hardly. We're Dumber Than a Box of Rocks

Three-quarters of a million drug ads on network television alone in the good ol' USA per year, and we-the-people have the gold-plated, unmitigated gall to show our "shocked face" when 64,000 citizens - one after another after another - take their last breaths after popping their last pills.

There are a recognized 195 countries on this quivering granite planet. Any idea how many of them think it's a bright idea to blanket TV with drug advertisements to a phone-addicted, mentally sluggish society?


Name one other nation that proffers as many pill-induced funerals as the United States. Go ahead. We'll wait for your newly-minted answer.

But here's a thought: let's all keep pretending we're smarter than a fidgety 5th grader on Mars Bars.

No wonder the United States is ranked 34th on earth in health care. At least one factor in that embarrassment is that we are preposterously in love with our "legal" drug cartels - most of whom have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for lying to the very same fools they are drugging into oblivion.

As my wise old dad used to say, "Lord, love a duck, you people."

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