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The 'Third World Assassins' Just Keeep onnn Commin'. But, But Who Cares?

A New York immigrant physician was handcuffed in court on Wednesday and carted off to federal prison. He was ordered by Brooklyn Federal Judge Dora Irizarry to be caged for the next 13 years. His crime? Well, this particular medical maniac stole $7,200,000 from Medicare - which happens to be this nation's largest insurance provider. He was able to amass the ill-gotten wealth by routinely billing Medicare for thousands of procedures he didn't perform, This idiot took the "American Dream" to a whole new level, wouldn't you say?

Doctor Syed Imran Ahmed, age 51, was also ordered to repay $14,000,000 in restitution, forfeitures and fines to the federal government. He has been forced to give up his Long Island estate in Glen Head. He was for decades affiliated with:

Mercy Medical Center

Nassau University Medical Center

North Shore University Hospital

Franklin Hospital in Valley Stream

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn

Ahmed, who attended Liaquat Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan before immigrating to the U.S., was found guilty in July 2016 of numerous felonies, including Healthcare Fraud, Money- laundering and lying regarding patient care matters.

Investigators discovered that Ahmed, a surgeon specializing in wound treatment and weight loss, billed the government insurance program for “incision & drainage" and "wound debridement” that never happened. So brazen was this thief that in fact, he falsified medical records of one woman, claiming he performed a jaw-dropping 600 procedures on her alone.

“Dr. Syed Ahmed treated Medicare like a personal piggy bank, stealing over $7.2 million by making fraudulent claims for medical procedures he never performed,” Interim Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue.

So yet another stethoscope sneak now sits on a cot in a small cage, with his stainless steel toilet nearby, wondering why in the world he wasted a medical degree.

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