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"Critter Man" Killer Doctor Gets, uh, Killed


An Alabama physician once found guilty in a Murder Conspiracy case has been struck by a car and killed in Arizona.

Doctor David Nash died in Tucson on January 26 from severe trauma, after he was hit by a vehicle described only as a 4-door black Dodge, apparently as he walked across a highway. The reason Nash was out on the dark, high-speed road is not known.

Nash, age 59, was convicted 3 different times in the 2011 stabbing death of a man named Ralph "Critter Man" McNeil, who operated an animal control business in Alabama.


Detectives learned that the doctor had hired two men almost exactly 7 years ago - Jeremy and Kindall Riley- to kill McNeil for $9,000. McNeil was reportedly involved in a heated child custody dispute with Nash's fiancée, a woman named Serena English, at the time of the murder. McNeil's body was found shot and stabbed on January 18, 2011.

The doctor was found guilty of Capital Murder for Hire in August 2013, but his conviction was overturned after the court discovered 2 jurors had lied during the selection process. In a subsequent trial in 2015, Nash was found guilty of Felony Murder. The defense appealed, claiming felony murder was not a proper charge for capital murder. The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals released Nash on the technicality last year and he was set free.

Nash's former fiancée, Serena English, was found to be a co-conspirator in the crime and is now serving a life sentence in Alabama State Prison,

The "Critter Man" could handle every kind of animal except a murderous doctor

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