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Singapore Surgeon & Wife Fined for Hacking into Each Other’s Computers

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A physician in Singapore was fined $13,000 in February last year after law enforcement determined he had secretly installed a spyware program to intercept private communications belonging to his former wife.

Doctor Leo Kah Woon, age 42, was employed at Singapore General Hospital when he was discovered to have committed 3 separate crimes, including illegally accessing the hospital’s computer system to search for information on his wife’s secret boyfriend, a man named Ang Choo Pin, back in 2012.

The doctor and his former wife, Nellie Tan Li Khoon, age 39, have two children. She herself was recently fined $3,500 for hiring a private investigator to hack into her ex-husband’s computer. The court heard that Leo had ordered his wife out of their home in September 2012 because he was convinced she was having an affair.

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Using the software, he intercepted private information from her e-mails and used the information for their divorce proceedings in the Family Court.

The sneaky doctor had installed key-logging software in his wife’s MacBook Pro laptop, and sent the information to his own e-mail account. Using the software, he illegally recorded his wife’s private communications.


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The ex-wife discovered what was going on after she sent her laptop in to be checked for viruses. She then hired a private eye for a similar scam.

In the separate crime of unauthorized access of the hospital computer system, Prosecutor April Phang reported that in September 2012, the doctor suspected that a man who had been a patient at the hospital, Ang Choo Pin, was secretly meeting with his wife. Leo then arranged to have Ang’s wife contacted by his sister, to tell her that her husband was sneaking around with another woman.

Mr Ang filed complaints with the Singapore Medical Council and police that the doctor had abused the state-run hospital computer program to obtain personal information, and made baseless allegations of adultery against him in an effort to destroy his marriage.

The maximum penalty for illegally accessing computer system data in Singapore is a 2- year term in jail.

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