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Illinois MD Sent Off to Prison: 'Conspiring to Kidnap' a Prosecutor. Smart Move

In the southern Illinois city of Harrisburg a physician has been convicted of Conspiracy to Kidnap a Saline County law enforcement attorney. A county jury of 12 found Doctor Brian Burns guilty of attempting to hire a cellmate named Mark Stricklin to kidnap State’s Attorney Mike Henshaw.

During the trial audio recordings were played where Burns was heard discussing how much he could pay to have prosecutor Henshaw, “taken for a ride” until the murder charges against him could be dropped. The physician was already in jail following his arrest for murder, in the shooting death of his former wife,

Burns, age 58, was previously charged with killing his wife, Carla Burns, and then burning the body to hide it the fact she had been shot to death.

The dufus doctor was sentenced to 20 years in state prison for the Conspiracy to Kidnap, and will be back in court in May for a hearing in wife-murder case.

If convicted again, Burns will join the 209 known other MDs behind bars for spousal murder.

Still think doctors are smarter than you are?

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