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Appalling 'Sanctuary State' Law Allows Fake Doctor in San Diego to Walk Out of Court. Stay P

A dangerous scamster born in Iraq and raised in Europe was handcuffed in the doctor's lounge at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa on January 11. Yes indeed. Not only was this guttersnipe not supposed to be walking the halls of an American hospital - he wasn't supposed to be walking around in the U.S. at all. His presence in the country is illegal, you see.

But thanks to the brainless, highly immoral politics sprouting out of what passes for "leadership" in California these days, the citizenry has every reason to expect cases as crazy as this one to continue. Why? Simple. The state of California's leadership is dominated by those who side with a Liberal-left world view. And they know that immigrants - both legal and not - vote Democrat. They do so because it is the Liberal left who do all in their power to muster unfettered immigration into the state in jaw-dropping numbers - millions, in fact. More illegal immigrants guarantee that California will remain a Left at all costs, bulging-at-the-seams, Twilight Zone population, Who really cares if we bloat ourselves in oblivion?

Zaid Bassam Jeorge, age 27, was having a great time pretending to be a physician. Authorities are still trying to piece together how long he had been playing his sneaky "I'm a doctor" charade. Law enforcement now knows he would routinely wear blue ER scrubs and a crisp white lab coat with his name embroidered on it so that he looked . . . you know . . . the part. Because he knew what The Paramedic Heretic has stated repeatedly for years: When a lab coat walks into the room, most everybody else stops thinking.

And he'd figured out which doors at Sharp required a pass key, and which ones didn't.

Jeorge's LinkedIn profile said he was a "graduate of Harvard Medical School" and had been a staff physician at Sharp for more than a year. None of that was true, either.

He could provide no credentials. He insisted he was a student from Sweden here as part of an apprenticeship. When asked if he had a sponsor, he gave the name of a doctor at the hospital. That doctor doesn't know him, and no other doctors knew him, either.

Jeorge was carrying, at the time of his arrest, a stethoscope, a cellphone loaded with Arabic messages and a set of car keys to a rented Mercedes Benz.

And then things went from wickedly weird to just flat-out wrong. Once he was arrested, the federal authorities asked the state in court to hold this nut until they could pick him up. The state judge refused to do that, because California no longer cooperates with federal law enforcement agencies when it comes to detaining illegal alien criminals. California, you see, makes up its own laws. You know, like the South tried to do just before the Civil War.

How well did that work out for us?

The bad news is that Jeorge was briefly set free and could have slipped off into the great unknown to play his freaky - or possibly worse - games elsewhere under a new name. The good news was that he has been re-arrested before he could disappear, and now faces prison time and deportation.

That set of circumstances must irritate Governor Jerry Brown no end. Forget the fact that San Diego's Joint Terrorism Task Force has seen cause to investigate.

The Governor was counting on this lab coat loon's Democrat votes someday. The man has one screwed up moral compass, wouldn't you say?

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