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Paramedic Heretic’s Advice to President Trump: Forget Non-Criminal Aliens. Just Toss Out the Doctor

Doctor Raja Jagtiani - yet another immigrant criminal MD

Any chance this Third World Assassin will be deported? Don’t be ridiculous. The U.S. doesn’t deport criminal immigrant doctors. We reward them with a fresh license in a new state. Cool, huh?

If America’s newest President really wanted to impact this country’s immigration soap opera in a meaningful way, he might start taking baby steps that DON’T result in angry protest marches. And one thing both liberal and conservative folks might agree on, is bad doctors. Do we really need MORE of them?

All Mr. Trump would have to do to please the masses – and protect the citizenry -is focus on immigrant perverts. Our advice to the President? Forget the immigration ban as you currently propose.

Just kick out immigrant predators. God knows there are plenty of these sexually-repressed fools around. Just ask us. We’ll send you our list of 400 today. Simple as soup. Here’s just one of the 400 we know about:

Last January in northern New Jersey, a foreign-born MD got a slap on the degreed butt for sexually assaulting 8 women – EIGHT – who had either worked as staff members, or who came to him for medical care at his Bergenfield clinic.

Question: Do you suppose you’d get maybe a week or two in jail, if you committed 8 sexual assaults? You bet your sweet bippy you would.

Doctor Raja Jagtiani, a 55-year-old Indian, appeared before Superior Court Judge Margaret Foti. They say he kept covering his face with his hands during the trial.

At the end of the trial, prosecutor Kristin DeMarco read a victim impact statement by one victim who had been a patient for years. She revealed that when she arrived for her appointment one day, Jagtiani directed her to his private office, instead of an exam room. Once the door was closed, he reached inside her blouse and grabbed her breasts.

The victim’s story was similar to those of at least 3 other women who were medical staff in Jagtiani’s clinic, between 2009-2015. They related additional incidents when the freaky doctor either forced himself on them sexually, kissed or bit them on the face. The harassed employees described “touching, grabbing my legs and waist on many occasions.”

Another victim described the doctor rubbing up against her, sexually gratifying himself while grabbing her breasts.

And why? Because he wore a lab coat and he wanted to. Get it?

Before the trial, the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners at least had the good sense to jerk this idiot’s medical license for 10 years, after studying his criminal acts. You would be amazed how many medical boards don’t even do that much. It drives medical boards crazy when they have to discipline doctors because, well, they happen to be doctors, too.

Jagtiani eventually confessed that he had groped all 8 women. He was then sentenced to 5 years of probation. In other words, the legal system sent him to his room like a bratty 5th grader, which is, by the way, the usual punishment for lab coat felons.

“Doctor Jagtiani was suffering from depression when he touched the women. He has paid a heavy price and will continue to pay a heavy price – rightfully so. He is truly sorry.” (Defense attorney Aidan O’Connor)

Well, if he’s sorry . . . .

So how about it, Mr. Trump? Why not start out the new year with a step we can ALL get behind? Simple patient safety. No need to take our word for it: just cruise across town in the presidential “Beast” limousine for a nice little visit with the folks at Public Citizen. Trust us. They’ll tell you all about it.

Here's another look at this urban gorilla:

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