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"Monster with a Stethoscope" Nevada Drug-dealing MD Now Sits in Prison

Doctor Robert Rand, Reno Nevada

In the city of Reno Federal Court Judge Miranda Du has sentenced a drug-pushing physician to 10 years in prison.

Doctor Robert Rand, age 53, who operated a sham clinic out of an auto dealership called Jones West Ford, was handcuffed in court and taken off to Nevada's federal prison in November. At sentencing, Judge Du told the court that physicians like Rand, who show a reckless disregard for life, are fueling societal addiction to narcotics.

"Doctors like Rand are enablers and contribute to the opioid crisis in this community," Du said. "He is a monster with a stethoscope."

The court also ordered that Rand must repay $11,000 in restitution to the family of Michael Yenick, a patient who died of an overdose in October 2015, as well as a $25,000 fine.

In tears, Rand apologized to Yenick's family and others in the court room who had lost loved ones under his care.

During the trial, medical experts testified that Rand's routine of prescribing higher and higher doses of OxyContin with no adequate medical assessments, created a clientele of addicted citizens.

Prosecutors were able to prove that Rand prescribed more narcotic pills than any other doctor in Northern Nevada - 400,000 more.

According to federal investigators, the following people were also co-conspirators arrested and facing charges in this case last year:

All were either employees or in some way associated with Jones West Ford Dealership in Reno

  • Richard Winston West, age 38

  • Omar Ahsan Ahmad, age 31

  • Joshua Ross Green, age 34

  • Clint Mitchell Bloodworth, age 40

  • Kathleen Griffin, age 43

  • Alan R Martinez, age 59

  • Braden Kyle Riley, age 40

  • Ryan Daniel Smith, age 40

Here's another look at this "made for TV movie" case:

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