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Ohio MD Lives up to Her Name

In Delaware County Ohio a physician who admitted in court to drunk driving and vehicular assault of a bicyclist, was sentenced to 15 days in jail and 400 hours of community service.

Doctor Elizabeth Unk, age 40, whose specialty is family medicine in the greater Columbus area, struck the cyclist on September 12, 2012 while driving on route 23 in the town of Delaware.

After the trial, Delaware County prosecutor Carol O’Brien said this:

“In this case, the defendant made the choice to get behind the wheel, resulting in multiple and devastating injuries for an innocent bicyclist.”

Unk also had her driver’s license suspended for two years.

Now, we could be wrong. But we strongly suspect Dr, Unk is simply haunted by a nasty, non-deliberate case of nominative determinism.

Look it up.

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