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Doctor's Wife Killed in 2012. Doctor on Trial for Her Murder & Conspiracy in 2018

The doctor and the dead wife. One of the most common scenarios in American society

After years of rumor and neighborhood speculation, a Mays Landing New Jersey doctor has been arrested for Murder. Investigators say they now enough evidence to charge him with hiring a contract killer to shoot his wife nearly 6 years ago.

According to Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner, Doctor James Kauffman ordered the killing of his wife, well-known talk-radio host April Kauffman in May, 2012. They say the doctor learned that she was planning to divorce him, and was threatening to tell police her husband was deeply involved in narcotics drug-dealing.

April Kauffman was found shot to death in the bedroom of her home, and police now know Doctor James Kauffman had longstanding ties to the Pagan's Motorcycle Club, which helped him operate a prescription drug network.

Detectives learned that Kauffman routinely wrote illegal prescriptions for oxycodone to people referred by a gang member named Fernando Augello. Those with prescriptions would either use the drugs themselves or sell them.

According to the prosecution, a man named Francis Mulholland, a member of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club, was paid at $20,000 to kill April Kauffman, which he did by shooting her twice inside the Kauffman home. Mulholland died of a drug overdose in 2013.

Last June, FBI agents raided Kauffman's home and his medical clinic. The doctor used a handgun to take a hostage, but eventually surrendered to authorities,

Kauffman, now age 69, is also charged with Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, Conspiracy and Racketeering. He is being held on a no-bail status at the Atlantic County Jail as his trial begins.

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