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America's Scourge of 'Third World Assassins': We Just Don't Learn Very Quickly, Do W

In West Palm Beach Florida this week one of the most egregious physician- criminal immigrants in U.S. history is now undergoing his sentencing hearings.

A 3rd World Assassin by the name of Doctor Salomon Melgen was convicted in April on a whopping 67 felonies - the majority of which included government insurance fraud,

Investigators were able to prove that Melgen, age 63, stole more than $100,000,000 dollars of American taxpayer money, by illegally billing Medicare for falsely diagnosing hundreds of patients, with eye diseases that were either less serious than he told them they were, or non-existent.

Federal prosecutor Carolyn Bell told U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra that Melgen deliberately set up his clinic - the Melgen Retina Eye Center - for the specific purpose of stealing from Medicare. He then routinely tortured hundreds of patients, often by injecting needles into their eyes for no medical reason.

Madman Melgen, from the Dominican Republic, faces life in prison, Here's another look at this lab-coat lunatic:

And still, some folks continue to ask us why we became a medical heretic.

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