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Immigrant Physicians: Never Supervised, Far Too Often Sexual Predators

In the city of Dayton Ohio a Montgomery County judge has sentenced yet another Mid-Eastern doctor to state prison for sexually assaulting female patients.

Doctor Arun Aggarwal, age 40, was until his arrest an employee of Dayton Children's Hospital. After pleading not guilty initially, the Indian-born gastroenterologist confessed in court that he did indeed grope the breasts of patients for no medical reason during medical exams.

Come to America & grope the girls.

Who's gonna know? I'm a doctor.

Aggarwal was arrested on 4 separate charges of Gross Sexual Imposition - all of which are felonies - last August 17.

Prosecutor Matt Heck Jr. told the court that during medical examinations between December 23, 2013, and November 10, 2014, Aggarwal, a pediatric abdominal specialist at Dayton Children’s Hospital, inappropriately touched teenage girls beneath their clothes. The inappropriate touching was not a medically necessary part of the physical exams.

Aggarwal, who lived in Mayfield Heights, was sentenced to a 10-month prison term and has been designated a Tier-1 Sex Offender.

Our Observations:

The good news - and we commend the U.S. State Department for their extremely wise decision - is that when this particular pervert-MD is released from prison, he is subject to deportation back to India.

The exasperating news - although it certainly isn't "news" to us because it happens on a daily basis - is that those doctors at Dayton Children's Hospital who were aware of his assaults on the two teenage girls, never saw that it might be an ethical idea to report this medical misfit to law enforcement.

"It is very concerning that the doctors who learned of the allegations against him by his patients, never reported the matter to the police or Children Services. It appears that they failed to take action based, in part, on the advice of their attorney.” (Prosecutor Matt Heck)

Within the halls of healthcare, doctor-crime and incompetence is covered up by medical staff many times a day. And within the halls of justice, this is called the "White Coat Conspiracy".

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