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‘No Units Available’ – America, Get Used to That Answer. It's Without Question the New Normal

So this story just happens to originate in Detroit. But trust us when we reveal this: the cities with the worst human behavior have THIS to look forward to, and dozens of them are already marinating in the nearly-constant crisis of EMS systems stretched to the breaking point.

Understand this: the problem of injured people not being quickly treated, does NOT start or end with EMS response times, nor in poor system status management. Bet you didn't know that. The ugliness starts – and ends – with the breakdown of the family and the subsequent disregard for common decency. It is no more complicated than the matter of rotten surroundings that are endemic to some sub-cultures in this country, while pretty much unheard of in others.

What, is that doubt in your eyes?

When was the last time - for example - that you heard of a drive-by shooting committed by a roving bunch of murderous Japanese teenagers? Have you ever?

Time to knock off our childish bent toward "political correctness" and try a dab of truth=speak, A large chunk of societal garbage behavior would suddenly evaporate, if teenagers and young adults considered the family name too sacred to drag through the gutter. Some cultures infuse this moral compass almost from birth. In some, it is never even a matter of conversation. Some would find respecting the family name laughable. But what if every single child heard this from every single adult, starting at about . . . oh, age one?

"If you embarrass your family name, you best expect there will be hell to pay."

If your kid is not disciplined early and often at home; if your kid mouths off like an irritated truck driver on steroids; if your kid looks and acts like a street gangsta’ and listens to countless thousands of hours of pseudo-inner city street-cred angst in the filthiest language on the planet - then only a fool blames cops, EMS and firefighters, for not fixing these malfunctioning primates quickly enough.

Do not reassign the blame. It’s your fault you have a broken kid.

It ain’t rocket science. Ask practically any farmer. We are reaping exactly what we sow.

In the meantime, America, the sub-cultures with the worst behavior also have the niggling habit of spawning considerably faster than those of a civilized bent. So get used to it, America. The inevitable slow EMS response times are coming to a town near you. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

You heard it here first.

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